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John Borghi

Lane Medical Library, Stanford University
Co-Authors: Colleen Cuddy

The library as an active collaborator in meta-science, open science, and data science

Due to their relationships with researchers, university leadership, publishers, and other stakeholders, libraries play a key role in coordinating, communicating, and evaluating research-related practices, policies, and incentives. Building on their expertise organizing, synthesizing, and making information available, many libraries also now offer a high level of support related to the use, curation, and preservation of research objects such as data and code. However, while these activities are often motivated by similar concerns as those of the broader meta, open, and data science communities- namely research transparency and reproducibility- they often exist in parallel. In this poster we describe how the current activities of one library – the Lane Medical Library at Stanford University – can be framed within the context of meta-science, open science, and data science and discuss how librarians and researchers in these areas could work together more actively in the future.

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