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Walter Veit

Carnegie Mellon University
Co-Authors: Simon DeDeo

Metascience of Conscioussness

How do scientists generate ideas?
How are our statistics, methods, and measurement practices affecting our capacity to identify robust findings?
Does the distinction between exploratory and confirmatory research matter?
What is replication and its impact and its value?
How do scientists interpret and treat evidence?
What are the cultures and norms of science?
These are questions that have gained tremendous attention in recent years. Previously almost exclusively the domain of philosophers of science, scientist have started to engage with these questions using the methods of science itself. In a new exciting project, this approach is used to analyze the science of consciousness and its evolution from a mere philosophical endeavour to a flourishing scientific research program. The study of consciousness offers an elegant case study for the exploration of these questions. Here we present the methodology and tentative results of our project in relation to the metascience program.

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