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Eva Vivalt

Wealth and Wellbeing Research Fellow/Lecturer, Research School of Economics, Australian National University

Eva-Vivalt-metascience2019Eva Vivalt is a Lecturer (Australian for Assistant Professor) in economics at the Australian National University and the founder of AidGrade, a research institute that generates and synthesizes evidence in international development. Dr. Vivalt holds a Ph.D. in Economics and an M.A. in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley and previously worked with the Development Economics Research Group at the World Bank and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford.

Dr. Vivalt’s main research interests are in investigating stumbling blocks to generating evidence-based policy decisions, including both methodological issues as well as how evidence is interpreted and used. Dr. Vivalt is also a PI on Y Combinator Research’s basic income RCT and has other interests in development, behavioral economics, and effective altruism. Recently, Dr. Vivalt has also been working on forecasts of social science results and is building a platform researchers can use to elicit predictions of their own results in collaboration with Stefano DellaVigna.