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Hal Puthoff

Director, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
President & CEO, EarthTech International, Inc.

Hal-Puthoff-Metascience-2019-symposiumHal Puthoff is Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. As a theoretical and experimental physicist specializing in fundamental electrodynamics, Hal leads a team whose present research activities range from theoretical studies concerning gravitation and energy research, to laboratory studies of innovative approaches to communications, energy generation and space propulsion. A graduate of Stanford University in 1967, Hal’s professional background spans decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, SRI International, and, since 1985, as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. In addition to his several publications concerning remote viewing research at SRI (Star Gate Program), he has published a textbook (Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics) and numerous technical papers on electron-beam devices, lasers, quantum vacuum-energy effects and general relativity models, and has patents issued in the laser, communications, and energy fields.

Hal regularly serves various corporations, foundations, NASA and other government agencies as advisor on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends; is listed in Who’s Who in the World; and has been designated a Fetzer Fellow.